Thank you for taking the time to see my colleague in regards to the Planning Guide. 

You are probably aware that there has been a large increase in planning applications in your area.

Just imagine how your business could benefit by being in front of every planning applicant when they are looking for the trades and services they need to complete their project.

The Planning Guide is delivered to all planning applicants by Royal Mail each week. This is a guaranteed service.

Planning Guide ‘The Place to be Seen’

We will plan an ongoing campaign actively marketing your business to every planning applicant, which will leave you the time to run your business.

Over the past 15 years, many local and national companies have used Planning Guide to give their company exposure and to market their services and stay ahead of the competition.


What Are You Waiting For?

We have a limited opportunity for you to target the planning applicants in your area. Working with Planning Guide and the Royal Mail we can put your business in front of every single planning applicant.

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