Planning Applications Croydon

planning applications Croydon

The Planning Guide team has a wealth of experience and have been serving clients since 2001. As a result, we have become one of the top businesses excelling in planning applications Croydon has working for it. It is our job to give the applicant all the information and guidance they require. We cover every detail to make sure you possess a full understanding of everything that is involved.

Know the facts

Before you jump straight into organising an application, there are several things you need to know. By law, planning permission typically becomes invalid after three years. The exception here is if you make a ‘substantial start’ on the work. This could be installing your foundations. You may not have begun work yet but are close to the set time limit. If so, you will probably have to reapply. We can work with you to ensure that you get everything in on time.

Can I change my original plans?

Eventually, you will gain planning permission. People often wonder if they are able to change their plans once things have been green lit. You can apply for a non-material amendment, which shall enable you to make some small adjustments. If you wish to make any huge changes however, you are going to need an additional planning application. Whether the change is considered big or small will be left up to the local planners. Our advice in this situation would be to produce your plans, make certain you are happy, and stick with them.

Dealing with refusal

We often have to support individuals who have had their planning application refused outright. In England, roughly three quarters of householder applications get approval. If your application ends in refusal, we advise that you investigate the reasons why. Then you can revise your plans and resubmit them at a later date.

It is also possible to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. They process every appeal in England and Wales. Normally, you would need to submit a planning appeal within six months of receiving the refusal. In the case of a householder appeal, the time limit is 12 weeks.

Come to us for assistance

Our vast knowledge makes us one of the best names for planning applications Croydon has. Anyone who needs to get in touch with us can do so by giving us a call. The number is 0333 800 1010. You have the option of filling out the contact form on our website too if you would prefer to do so.