Planning Applications Hull

Planning Applications Hull

Building jobs involve a great deal of work. You have to find the right professionals and decide if you need planning permission. There is no need to worry though as we offer help with planning applications Hull clients can depend on. You can explore our in-depth guidance on our website to gain a better understanding of the law as well as your rights.

What is planning permission?

Simply put, this is asking your council if you can complete specific building work. You start by submitting an application which they can grant, subject to certain conditions, or refuse.

The main responsibility for offering permission belongs with local planning authorities. This tends to be a department within your local council. Therefore, you should contact them if you have any queries about a particular case.

You are responsible for seeking planning permission if it is necessary. It is important that you get approval for a project if you need it before you start any work.

Do I need planning permission?

You will likely need planning permission if you want to change the use of a building. This also applies if you want to build something new, or make a major change to a building such as an extension. Sometimes you will have what is known as permitted development rights. If this is the case, your project won’t require permission.

There are a huge amount of rules for different situations. Without all of the details of the work, it is hard to establish whether a specific project needs permission. To find out if you do require it, you should consult your local planning authority or a professional.

How Planning Guide can help

Our website contains a wealth of information. This includes topics like what happens when the council receives your application and appealing a decision. So, with our help you can gain a better understanding of the process and what it involves.

For help with planning applications Hull clients can trust us. Therefore, get in touch with Planning Guide if you have any questions or need support at any point in your project.