Planning Applications Milton Keynes

Planning Applications Milton Keynes

Not every home project requires planning permission. However, many do, and people tend to struggle here because they don’t know enough about the procedure. Fortunately, we are here to offer you assistance. Our team is the best one specialising in planning applications Milton Keynes has to give. As a result, we provide clients with the advice they need to be successful with their applications.

There is more than one kind of planning permission

One thing we often discuss with people is the different types of planning permission. It is true, there are multiple kinds.

The first, and most common, is full planning permission. This allows projects with detailed designs to proceed as scheduled. There are conditions for the consent that you have to discharge prior to beginning any construction though. You have to satisfy these conditions formally via letter by the local authority. We inform everyone that they must do this before they start any work. If they don’t, their approval becomes invalid.

Another type of planning permission we talk to our clients about is outline. This awards permission in principle. However, it does not include the design specifics. It is vital to remember that this form of consent does not allow you to begin working. Before you can start, you need to submit an application for reserved matters and have it approved. Your final plans could stray from the first outline planning substantially. If this is the case, you will probably have to submit for full planning.

How long will it be before I gain permission?

Something else we speak to clients about is how long it takes to actually get approval to start work. Usually, local authorities try to determine applications within 10 to 12 weeks of registration. They will attend to most of the straightforward householder applications in this time frame too. Some people find themselves having to make several applications due to design changes or revisions. We advise clients to set 18 months aside for the procedure if they are in this position.

Our team can give you the help you require

Planning Guide would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about applications if you plan to start a project in the future. As the foremost supplier of information related to planning applications Milton Keynes has, we can tell you everything you want to know.

Those who wish to contact us can do so by filling out the contact form on our website. It is also possible for you to call us using the number 0333 800 1010.