Planning Applications Vale of Glamorgan

Planning Applications Vale of Glamorgan

When you have a project in mind, it is important to establish if it requires planning permission. Failing to gain this when it is necessary can result in a lot of hassle and extensive costs. If they are looking for assistance with planning applications Vale of Glamorgan residents can count on us. We have a lot of knowledge about the law and love to help people.

A necessity

There are some developments that require planning permission and others that do not. You need to find out whether this applies to you. Firstly you should obtain verification from a legal professional. This way you can ascertain if you can build without planning permission before starting any work and avoid complications.

Building without planning permission can be a terrible idea

If you begin the build without permission when you need it you have committed a planning breach. If this happens, you will have to submit what is known as a retrospective application to your local council. You won’t need to take further action if this is successful.

If your application fails or relates to a development where permission was previously denied, your local council might issue an enforcement notice. It may say that you need to remedy the breach; this can be incredible frustrating as well as expensive. You might even find that you need to dismantle the whole structure.

Where to turn for help

The world of planning can appear complex with all of the rules and regulations. When you have someone to offer specialist advice though, it is much easier. We have expert knowledge and can help you make sure that you take all of the right steps. We can provide you with advice for your application, offer guides for your local area, and have a wealth of planning information.

For leading help with matters regarding planning applications Vale of Glamorgan clients can rely on us. Our website is full of helpful information so take a look and get in touch if you have any queries.