Planning Guide can assist in the marketing of your business and provide exposure to a directly targeted audience who require your services.

You might be an existing customer looking to expand your coverage or new to Planning Guide.

We offer what we believe to be the most flexible targeted campaigns available.

The Campaigns run for twelve months, include design, direct links to your website and email where customers can research more about your business and the services you can offer.

Bronze campaign

Banner advert 185mm x 40mm £250.00
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Or 90 mm x 135 mm
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Silver campaign

1/2-page 185mm x 130mm £350.00
Inc 1 free update.
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Gold campaign

Full page 185mm x 275mm £450.00
Inc 2 free updates.
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* The cost above is for each Planning Guide but we can quote for multi area campaigns.

* You can upgrade your campaign at any time and also change or update your advert to accommodate changes within your business or to promote special promotions etc.

* If you operate a multi trade business your advert can be split to cover the services you offer.

Please do not hesitate to respond we are here to work with you and achieve ongoing business together.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.